Hypnoterapy in Amsterdam for English speakers

A few weeks ago, I was finishing up a session with a client when he asked me if I also do hypnotherapy in English. He had a non-Dutch speaking friend who was looking for a hypnotherapist in Amsterdam. The friend was an expad, who's been living in Amsterdam for almost two years. His Dutch was at the ‘Albert Heijn-level’, so he could manage in a supermarket, but a real conversation was too hard. I said to the client that he could contact me, but I realized through the question that my website is all in Dutch, and not readable for someone with Albert Heijn level. So, with that in mind I decided to make a webpage for non-Dutch speakers.

Is hypnotherapy different in English?

Not really. As a therapist I work in the tradition of Ericksonian hypnotherapy, which is based on the works of the American psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson. Here we use language as the most important tool, to guide someone in hypnosis. And working with language patterns in Ericksonian hypnosis is easier in English compared to Dutch.


Does it matter if English is not my first language?

Amsterdam has over 180 different nationalities living in the city. Most of them do not have English as their mother tongue. So, would it be a problem for hypnotherapy if this is the case? In my experience it’s no problem at all, as long if you can have a reasonable conversation in English.

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